The big game is a week from Sunday.  Every expert (supposedly) is telling us who is going to win between Baltimore and San Francisco and why.  But I say, why let the humans have all the fun, when we can turn to the animals.

Meet Princess, a 26 year old camel and resident of the Popcorn Park Zoo in New Jersey.  People say she’s the “world’s most accurate football predicting camel.” Who are these people, and how much are they betting on the game?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’s probably the only football predicting camel, which means she's also the world's most inaccurate football preditcting camel.  But I digress.

How well does Princess do?  Princess has correctly predicted six of the past seven Super Bowl winners.  The only one she got wrong was picking the Colts over the Saints three years ago (silly camel.)

Getty Images

 If your wondering, what kind of cosmic power does this Princess the Camel have. Side note: Princess the Camel doesn't have the same ring as Jimmy the Greek, but I'm digressing again.  Here's the secret:

The  zookeeper holds a graham cracker in each hand.  Each graham cracker represents one of the teams.  Whichever cracker the mighty psychic Princess eats first is the winner. So who has Princess predicted (or should I say eaten) to win....She's picked Baltimore.  So bet the farm because Princess has practically predicted the winner every year...Ok don't bet the farm, I don't know if I'd bet a five.