Brock Osweiler got a rude welcome back to Denver as the Broncos defeated Houston 27-6 on Monday night, and with that, week 7 of our Pro Football Pick'em has come to an end.

We had some pretty interesting things happen this week with our Pro Football Pick'em. We had a three-way tie between Leppy, Marion C. and Steelers6Xchamps which means that we had to turn to the cumulative score tie-breaker and  we say congrats to Marion C. who picked the cumulative score to be 31. Marion C has won our weekly gift card prize.

Taking a look at the overall leaderboard, we also have a three-way tie with 67 points. After Leppy's great week, he/she is tied with Johnny be good and Nikki. Johhny be good was our overall winner in 2014.

ladyluxury, who has been leading for most of the year, falls into a two-way tie for 4th with AC/DC. The overall winner will have a chance to win up to $10,000.

But the biggest surprise? After 7 weeks, our very own Traci (Blind Squirrel) Taylor is leading me by 1 point. Remember Blind Squirrel, it's not how you start but how you finish.

Week 8 begins on Thursday when Jacksonville travels to Tennessee. It's free to play and you could be the next weekly winner. If you want in on our friendly competition and the chance to win gift cards, be sure to enter your picks by 8:25pm this Thursday and don't forget to put in your cumulative score, because if it comes down to a tie, your score number could make all the difference.