Wow, I can't believe that week 7 of the Pro Football Pick'em is here already. It's your chance to win a $25 or $50 gift card. The best part is that it's free. You have until 8:25 tonight to get your picks in when Chicago travels to Green Bay.

Green Bay struggled last week against New York. One of the best ways to fix that?? Play Chicago.

After last week, Traci and I have decided to not to make a bet against each other. Because last week the loser

It's hard to believe that after 6 weeks of Pro Football Pick'em, Traci and I are tied. To use the words of one of the presidential candidates during a recent fundraiser, "How am I not 50 points ahead." Maybe because I'm not that good at this.

In the overall leader board, the ladies continue to battle it out for first place. ladyluxury and nikiki are tied with 60 points. How are you doing?

You haven't been playing? That's okay, we have weekly winners. As always, DON'T FORGET THE CUMULATIVE SCORE.

Enter below and good luck.