It's Week 11 of the Pro Football Pick'em challenge. I went 13-0 three weeks ago and I've struggled since.  Last week, I was only 7-7, my worst week yet. The upside is that everyone struggled. It looks like it could be another tough weekend with a lot of tough games to predict.  Are you in for this weekend yet?

Congrats to Mark R, he is the overall leader with 97 points. I'm 2nd with 96. Joeracer14 and Ranman are in third with 93. Here's the current leader board if you want to see how your doing.

The great thing is you don't have to play every week to participate and it's free.  Every week, we have a weekly winner that gets 10,000 loyalty points. You can register to win all kinds of fantastic prizes including tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Here are the other things you could win.

Traci took a bye week so we are 7-2-1 in our match up. This week her team (Philadelphia) and mine (Washington) are going head to head. I'm instituting the Glenn Pitcher Pro Football Pick'em theory again this weekend.

I'm taking Philly. That way if they win, my pick'em wins. If Washington wins, I'm happy. This way, I can say that I'm honoring Traci's favorite team and sound like I mean it......I hope Traci doesn't read that last part.

So go to Pro Football Pick'em right now to get in this week. You have until kick-off tonight at 8:25 when Indianapolis travels to Tennessee.  Once again, good luck to all..except a little less luck to Mark R.