It's week 3 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. It begins tonight and it begins with Blind Squirrel (Traci Taylor) as our overall leader....I'll refer to her as BS from here on out. Can you catch her?

For 2 weeks BS was using a combination of a little info, animals and colors. I mean really, who would take the Browns over the Saints last week unless you were picking colors. Only someone picking animals would take the Bears over a number (49ers) last week but it worked. Her record is 21-11.

My fear is this week she used rational reasoning to make her picks. I warned her that she is going to have a disastrous weekend, I guess we'll find out soon enough. However she is beginning week 3 by taking a animal (Falcon) over a pirate (Buccaneer) so we'll see.

By the way BS's favorite team (Philadelphia) is taking on my favorite (Washington) so I can't use my Glenn Pitcher Pro Football Pick'em theory. That's where I pick against Washington. That way if they win, I'm happy and if they lose, my Pick'em wins. We are making a bet which we'll reveal tomorrow.

My wife Dawn is currently 2 points out of first at 19-13. Her strategy....She picks left then right, all the way down the sheet. It hasn't been a good year yet for all of us rational Pro Football thinkers. Wow, that sounds like sour grapes.

My record (because I use "rational" thought) is 15-17. Go here to see how you're doing after 2 weeks of play. You can get in the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge but you only have until 8:25 tonight. Go here to participate.

Good luck to all...especially BS, I think you might need it.