Only 2 weeks to go in the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. I had an average week at 8-8. It was still good enough to increase my lead. Take this week's challenge and you could turn your winnings into a pair of Taste of Country Music Fest tickets. It's free, here's how.

The really good news is that the Thursday night games are done. You now have until 1pm on Sunday to make your picks. I've known a lot of people who were going to get to it later and forgot. Here's my advice....Traci are you listening.....DO IT NOW.

Go to What's Hot and look under the Pro Football Pick'em or better yet just go here. We have a weekly contest going on. If your the weekly winner, you'll get 10,000 loyalty points. You can turn the points into chances to win Taste Of Country Music Fest tickets, PlayStation 4 or these other cool prizes. Once again, it's free.

For those of us playing the yearly contest, it looks like this.  As I mentioned, I went 8-8 but Mark R had a worse week. I have 145 points, Mark R is in 2nd with 142. Joeracer14 had a good week and got back into the running with 140 points. To see how your doing on the leader board go here.

The first game to pick is a toughie. I could use the Glenn Pitcher Pro Football Pick'em theory and pick Dallas. That way if Dallas wins, my pick is right. If Washington wins, then I'm happy.  I think Washington can win this one. It also hurts my fingers and heart and to pick the Cowgirls....I tried to write Boys but my keyboard doesn't let me.

So Good Luck to all and since It's still the holidays, I'll say what I've said the last 2 weeks......Good luck to all even you Mark R and Joeracer14.