It's week 15 of the Pro Football Pick'em challenge. If you're the weekly winner, you could turn your victory into a 150 dollar shopping spree at Toys R Us. It's free to play. Here's how.

Go to the What's Hot section and go to Pro Football Pick'em and make your picks. If you're the weekly winner, you'll get 10,000 loyalty points. Besides the Toys R Us shopping spree, you could also win a 500 dollar Target gift card, Playstation 4 and other cool prizes.

I had a great week 14. I went 13-3. I almost changed two games on Sunday, the Jets/Oakland and the Green Bay/Atlanta game. I lost them both. Oh well, I was worried that I was going to to 2-14 last week so no complaints.

With my great week, I moved into first place in the challenge with 137 points. I have a two point lead over Mark R. Gary Bush and ranman are tied for 3rd with 131 points. Go here to see how your doing on the leaderboard.

I'm feeling good about this week's that it means I'll go 2-14 this week. You have until 8:25 tonight when San Diego takes on Denver to get in and have all the games count. Good luck to all. Since it worked last week when I said it, I'll say it again....Even you Mark R, after all it's the holidays.