If you haven’t heard, President Obama is expected visit Binghamton this Friday.  

We don’t know what route the President will take or what time he’ll be in town (although we’ve heard a lot of rumblings that it will be in the morning) as that information hasn't been released but we do know he will be visiting Binghamton University, which means the Vestal Parkway will most likely experience extra high levels of traffic. 

Broome County Undersheriff Alex Minor told Press Connects:

Wherever the president is at, I would stay away from the area because it will no doubt get congested. “I don’t see the Vestal Parkway being closed for an extended period of time, but I suggest people find alternate routes when he’s here.”

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger is excited about the President’s visit saying that the visit was unexpected, but doesn’t come as a surprise. “We are a quality, high-value institution with achievement-oriented students and successful graduates, so when people ask me am I surprised the President of the United States wants to visit our campus? The answer is no! Was this entire visit unexpected? The answer is yes!”

Stenger says that during his visit, the President will reinforce the value brought to students as they seek access to quality higher education that won’t burden them with immense debt. He also mentioned that many BU students are the first in their family to attend college and that he’s proud that President Obama is drawing attention to how public institutions such as Binghamton University help make higher education more affordable for the middle class.

While President Obama is expected to focus on education, there's no doubt that fracking will be on the mind of many people.  It's rumored that both supporters and opponents plan to visit the BU campus to express their opinion on the subject.  According to our sister station, WNBF, Governor Cuomo has yet to announce whether he intends to allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing in New York state.