It's all about the World Cup. Tonight the B-Mets have Around the World Cup in 9 innings. The U.S. team plays Germany on Thursday for the right to advance to the field of 16. Finally, President Obama's face is on a cup featuring England's World Cup Team players.........WHAT!!! 

Here's the skinny. Someone at the British company that made the mugs put a photo of President Obama wearing a British soccer jersey on the mugs instead of Manchester United's center back Chris Smalling.

The maker of the mugs have found someone to blame. It's an "apprentice" who used Google to find images of the players on the team.  The "apprentice" mistakenly ended up with a photo of the President.

The explanation was that he copied the first picture he liked the look of. It just so happened that it was the President of the United States that ended up on the cup instead of the English defender.

I don't know, I think it's a easy mistake. I know when I look at a picture of the Prez, I think "I wonder if he's British?"  Okay maybe not.....Kenyan yes but British no.