Recently Traci Taylor posted to Facebook a photograph of the world's largest pothole, or so it seemed.  Today, I almost had my car tire swallowed by two potholes in a row.  And yesterday, I came very close to having a head on collusion with a SUV that was swerving to avoid a huge crater. I get it, we have had a tough old fashioned Southern Tier Winter but it's getting crazy out there.

It doesn't matter where you are, potholes in the Southern Tier are far worse than any place in the country right now.  Or so it seems.

In my attempt to get answers for this article, I've been told, off the record of course, the city and county is using cheap materials, they are doing patch job after patch job and others say there is little to no money to properly repair our city and county roads.  Where does all that tax money go anyway?

I have many friends live on the West coast.  It's funny how people in Colorado and Utah, with ski resorts all overt the place have most of their roads paved in concrete and have little to no issues with potholes.

So what is your solution?  I want to know where the worst potholes are in the Greater Binghamton area?  Let me know on the HAWK Facebook or below in the comments section.  And whatever you do, drive safely.