The U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday they're planning to stop delivering mail on Saturday in an effort to cut costs. With new technology, we're just not sending many letters through the mail anymore.  As a matter of fact, the Postal Service saw a loss of $16 billion dollars last fiscal year and by stopping Saturday mail service they expect to save about $2 billion dollars a year.

The new no mail on Saturday plan won't go into effect until the week of August 5, 2013.  However, the Postal Service says they will continue to deliver packages six days a week and that their branches will still be open on Saturdays.

While the Postal Service is moving ahead with plans to stop Saturday mail delivery, Congress may fight the decision. Lawmakers have already raised alarms saying the Postal Service can't change their delivery schedules without Congressional approval.  In the past, the Postal Service has attempted to to change the law, only to meet with objections or delays in Congress. Now, seizing a moment when the Postal Service believes the law no longer applies, they moved on their own to shut down Saturday mail delivery.

According to the Postal Service's website:

"Market research conducted by the Postal Service and independent research by major news organizations indicate that nearly seven out of ten Americans (70 percent) supported the switch to five-day delivery as a way for the Postal Service to reduce costs in its effort to return the organization to financial stability. Support for this approach will likely be even higher since the Postal Service plans to maintain six-day package delivery."