8:04am UPDATE: Sayre resident George has reported to us that the police standoff in Sayre is over.  News of the standoff being over has also been reported by WETM who writes: "A man is now is custody in connection to the police standoff at a home in South Waverly."



Sayre Area Schools and Epiphany Catholic School are on a two hour delay today for safety and security reasons. According to WETM, the reason is that there's an ongoing police standoff at a home in the Bradford County community of South Waverly. State Police believe the suspect has a gun or guns.

While we've not received an official statement from authorities, we've received multiple calls to the Hawk studio from listeners who live in Sayre and tell us the standoff is near the elementary school. Allegedly a SWAT team is on site and this is happening on or near Williams street. The suspect is believed to be a man.

We spoke to Chuck Carver of Sayre and this is what he shared with us about what's going on:

No other details are available at this time.