You've heard the saying "Living the Dream." Sometimes it feels like a nightmare and you just want someone to wake you up. It's really, really easy to throw yourself a pity party (Been there and done that.) You say "Just let me be alone." WRONG, you need to do the opposite.

I love what Pastor James MacDonald say's about pity parties. When you have a pity party for yourself, you want to be alone because you don't want someone showing up with cupcakes.

It's so true. Find a friend to chat with, go for coffee.....or a milkshake. If you have kids, talk to them.

I find some of the greatest moments in my life is when I chat with Tara. It makes me realize that most of my problems are small things and there is so much more in life to be happy about.

The pity party is canceled and the party of life is on. Remember there is somebody, somewhere that is glad you're here. Find a group of friends that will support you and hold you accountable. It's amazing how your life will change.

Sometimes it takes just a moment to make all the other moments worth it. Now who has the cupcakes.

My morning show partner Traci found this video and shared it with me and it inspired me so much that I wanted to share it with you: