Many marriages don't make it with only half surviving, even among Christian couples. On top of that, how many couples are together in a loveless marriage? Marriage is tough. If it isn't tough, then you may not be doing it right. Ironic, I know.

I've been a fortunate person. I not only have parents that have been there for me but they've been there for each other as well. It starts by being centered in Christ. If you make Christ first and each other second, it makes for an amazing and rewarding journey.

I want to thank them for giving me a solid Christian upbringing. It's one thing to go to church but it's another to have Christ in the family too. They were the leaders of the Methodist Youth Fellowship group.

I will always remember one of the things that my Mom asked our group. It was "How do you know you are loved?" My Mom answered " when I'm called Masquaw." I got the name 'Masquaw' after the comic strip Redeye and I still call her it today.

Dad was my little league baseball coach and would play catch with me for hours. Some times after a long day at work. I appreciate that even more now that I'm a dad and know how tired he was when he got home but he did it anyway.

Pitcher is not only my last name but that's the position I play in softball and he was my catcher for many years. I call him 'Pops'. I don't have a story behind it, I just like the name.

They've been there for me when I was wandering the wilderness and they never lost faith in me. They believed in me more then I believed in myself and my shortcomings aren't because of them.

So Happy 54th Anniversary to Carl and Donna (Pops and Masquaw) Pitcher. If you're in Warren Center, stop by Wagner's Store and buy him a cup of coffee. You could stop by the house and wish them both a happy anniversary.

Not sure which house it is? When you come to the "downtown" stop sign, look around and you won't be able to miss it. Masquaw might even have some cookies to enjoy. If you get any, bring some back for me.

Thank you....Love you....and Happy Anniversary.

....Do I still have to get you a gift?