So today, we are talking about S'mores and your unique ingredients that make it special.  We all have improvised.  What's the special Pitcher ingredient? Check out the picture inside to find out.

Sometimes we like the substitute better than the original.  Now is your chance to share with everybody. Leave comment below or call us 720-9801.

We use chocolate Graham crackers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and S'more mallows.  What's a S'more mallow....It's big marshmallows that don't fall off the stick.  Very, very important. That's not the special ingredient.  What is it?

Ok, so it's not an ingredient.  It's the Wet Ones wipes.  To clean our mouths and fingers.  Also to clean the tablecloth after I set the skewer on it.  I found it vital.