What started as a silly dance party has evolved into a yearly event to celebrate all things Phil Collins.

There’s a legit Phil Collins Day website, as well as a daylong celebration, held every year since 2007 in New York’s Rockaway neighborhood.

It might sound like a lighthearted thing, but there’s actually a serious side to Phil Collins Day. Phil is no stranger to heartbreak.  The man who brought you songs like “Another Day in Paradise,” “In The Air Tonight,” “Sussiudio” and more suffered a series of injuries that sadly forced him to retire from music in 2011.

In the footsteps of heartache, today's Phil Collins Day is being dubbed “Take Me Home” serving as a nod to those hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.  To celebrate their survival, those who made it through the devastation of Hurricane Sandy will be playing instruments on the beach of 112th Street in Rockaway.

In celebration of Phil Collins day, I give you a remixed version of my all time favorite Phil Collins song: