As always, first things first... CONGRATULATIONS MR. & MRS. JASON ACKERMAN! There now that I've said that, This wedding was just gorgeous. Stunning visual presentation!! Webb Events and Decor did an amazing job with the table decor, twinkle lighted paper lanterns and gray fabric design on the ceilings. The whole time however, Stacey was giving me vertigo while up on the ladder. I recovered from the fear that she might fall, and continued to dress the room with a combination or blue and green uplighting on the pillars with blue back lighting on the cake table. I also set the stars on the dance floor and the mirror balls closer to each other and at a slight tilt to get quite a shimmering look upon the entire room. I had a full ten foot lighting rig up and a sound system that provided a full rich sound at half volume. The lights were dimmed and we were ready to go! The cocktail hour began with a mix of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Richard Cheese. The wedding party introductions flowed nicely into the bride and grooms first dance. This was a combination of 1st dance, and Father/Daughter dances as her father and step father cut in to different songs mixed into the original track ending with the Bride and Groom finishing their song at the end. After the first dances the blessing and toasts were given. The toasts were great telling stories of childhood and projection heartwarming feelings. Dinner was great as always from the Riverwalk and then I moved the guests into dancing. One of the coolest tech features of the night was the picture messaging service for the wedding night! The guest were instructed to download an app to their smartphones. When they took a picture with this app it was immediately sent to an online slideshow for all the guests to see on the big screen in the ballroom. That was a big hit with the guests as we continued to snap pictures and dance the night away at this absolutely beautiful, perfectly presented wedding reception.