Hey! Congrats! YOU GRADUATED! Now what? Scared witless? Yeah it's ok. All those other students that received their diplomas next to you are frightened too. Graduation is such a proud moment, a high on life feeling of accomplishment you get that is met with an immediate downer trying to figure out what to do next. Here's some ideas:

1. Go On A Working Holiday
Tourist traps are notorious for hiring travelling grads to work for little to know cost. Like the Taj Mahal in India, or The Acropolis in Athens Greece. You'll make just about as much money as you put in and it's great experience working out of the country!

2. Work For A "DEADLIEST CATCH" Boat
If You need to pay off your loans in a jiffy you can work one of the hardest jobs in Alaska. The hours are long, the work is strenuous and dangerous but man can you make some cash!

3. Join The Peace Corps
You'll be helping to change developing nations for the good of their people an you might just find it changes a little something inside you as well. It doesn't look bad on a resume either!

4. Volunteer Locally
Our local food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals and charitable organizations ALWAYS need help. You won't be making any cash, but you'll gain needed experience that will help you land the job you want!

5. Teach English Abroad
If you are an education student this may be the thing for you. Most of the time it just requires you to get a certification online. you could be teaching the language you take for granted to countries that need to bridge the gap.

6. Work A Cruise Ship
They always need bartenders, waiters, house keepers... entertainment. You'll make some cash while constantly being on a cruise! You can leave at port with the passengers and explore new places.

7. Be A Roadie
Your favorite band or stage show always need a guy to set up the equipment and move it in and out of trucks. You won't have an address so rent won't be a problem and you'll be surrounded by the music or plays you love and it's respective debauchery.