Daytime temperatures may have been hot but there's something about NYSEG Stadium and the coolness that is the air when you go to a Binghamton Mets game.  Last night was a perfect night to catch the first-place Binghamton Mets and a 'Two For Tuesday' as a bonus.

I don't understand why the game was not a sell out.  I mean, c'mon Binghamton, we need to keep sports alive in the Southern Tier.  We are so fortunate to have the first place Binghamton Mets in our backyard, a beautiful stadium, some very cool promotions, frequent fireworks, a very reasonable ticket price and even hotdogs for a buck fifty.

One of my favorite team mascots, Ballwinkle, had me laughing all night.  He really added to the fun with the kiss cam, hotdog throw, Spiedie sandwich race and other antics.  I also got a chance to talk with a lot of first time visitors to the stadium, some visitors to the Greater Binghamton area, rooting on the Binghamton Mets.

Another perfect Summer night in the Binghamton area.  This is Binghamton at its best.  These are memories that will always stay with me.

Maybe I'll see you at a future game.  Go Mets!  To catch an upcoming game, click HERE