At the risk of sounding like a completely terrible person, I’m thankful to not have been invited to any weddings this year.

In the last ten months, I left my job of six years, packed up my home, moved to Binghamton, accepted a new job with 98.1 the Hawk, have made several trips to and from Albany to be with my Dad who’s been battling cancer and spent a week in and out of the hospital. All of this has made my bank account literally weep and if it could, I’m sure it’d punch me in the face for spending anything not budgeted out for bills.

And this is why I’m thankful I’ve not been invited to any weddings this year. There’s a lot of financial pressure to attend a wedding- the gift, the outfit, the transportation, the lodging…that can all add up to a cool couple hundred and I'm a sucker for weddings- I just can't say "no."

I feel a little better knowing that I’m not alone in not attending any weddings this year. Nooga says that the sputtering economy has been causing a lot of people to turn down wedding invites. 43 percent of people admitted they've declined a wedding invite because of financial reasons.

In case you were wondering … bridesmaids and groomsmen can expect to spend an average of $577 to be part of a wedding.