I'm probably the only kid in the history of the 1980's whose mom didn't let her watch Pee-Wee Herman's TV show or movies. Seriously. But just because my mom wouldn't let me watch him at our house doesn't mean I didn't watch him at my friend's houses. Sorry mom-it's been 29 years. Maybe you can forgive me?

The Huffington Post says Pee-Wee Herman's super shiny red bike, the one that sent him across the country on a frantic search and recovery mission in the 1985 movie 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure,' has been sold on eBay for an unbelievable $36-thousand dollars!

The seller bought the bike back in 2010 for just $10-thousand, so he made a pretty sweet profit.

What toy from your childhood would you buy if it went up for sale and money weren't an option?