Yesterday I was at a local grocery here in Binghamton, and a woman walked in to purchase a drink. I bought it for her. She said something to the effect of "I see this all the time, Pay It Forward. Now I have to do something nice for someone else. I will."  I hope she does, I mean that's why I did it. However I have to wonder if it works.

I'm not living in fantasy land though. I don't expect that every time I buy a someone a soda or coffee,  take care of a cell phone payment or buy them a car when theirs died that the movie scenario takes over and they go thoughtful on the public. I would like to think that the good vibes I start effect at least 2 people. The one I did, and maybe another? Have you done a act of awesomeness for someone? What have you done? Did you hear of any positive domino effect you started? I'd love to hear about it as I really never hear anything about how far something I might have done carried on.

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