Where have all the old parking meters gone in downtown Binghamton? It’s time for a technology face lift.

I was walking into work on Monday and noticed that all the parking meters were missing from their assigned poles.

I thought maybe they were doing something with the Binghamton Bridge Run but that didn’t make much sense, since they usually just bag them.

Then I saw it, big, bulky, and looking like a vending machine with a screen, it was the latest in parking meter technology.

Doug Mosher

The new meter kiosk will take bills, credit cards, and even change if you’re feeling nostalgic.

The meters print out a ticket that you place face up on your windshield.

Bob Joseph WNBF News

Right now, I can see workers putting in new pavement markings to align with the facelift.

The city did install a few of these last falls and some more in the spring of this year, but now it looks like they’re getting the rest of the city updated with the new parking meter kiosks.

One of my co-workers told me that there have been malfunctions with the new machines, people have complained that the meter ate their dollar and gave them no time.

I’m sure the city will work the bugs out of the new process, but for me I’ll take the monthly fee in the parking ramp.