I was popping around my computer and found some stuff that made me laugh. Screenshots. Normally I would have to snap a screenshot for a sales person or an advertiser and send it to them for various reasons. While peeking at them I've realized just how for we've have evolved since website day one. Back then (2001-ish) we really didn't use our websites for anything at all. It was like: "Hey we have a website!" and people were like: "Hey, quit bragging". When I took the websites over in 2002, I began to try to pretty up a deserted web space. That was website #1 in the slideshow below. Website #2 came in when we got another WHWK Program Director and he asked me to clone another site from one Citadel Broadcasting already owned. That was fun... I would've had a much easier time just building one from scratch, but... I did it!

Then Citadel decided to go with one unified look to "Monetize Our Websites" to their fullest potential. That folks, is how #3 (the one dressed with so many ads it looked worse than a Nascar) came to be. Now we are here. Right here!! You're on it! If you're reading this, you've probably already been enjoying the new, simplified almost ad free awesomeness that Townsquare Media hath provided us. We hope you will enjoy these sites for years to come.