The 2014 Oscar nominations are out.  To check out the complete list go here. My biggest surprise is that "Captain Phillips" got a nod for Best Picture but Tom Hanks was snubbed for the movie.  In fact, Tom Hanks was completely snubbed. Here's why your movie didn't get a nomination.

5) It starred the stunt double for Tom Hank's cousin.

4) The critics said that they were owed 4 stars for watching it.

3) "Watching Paint Dry" sounds about as exciting as "The Lone Ranger."  However "The Lone Ranger" did get a nomination for Special Effects. Gluing a dead bird to a headband is harder than it looks.

2) It wasn't even good enough for the Razzies. 

1) The only screen it's played on.......your phone.

"American Hustle" and "Gravity" lead the way with 10 nominations each.  Meryl Streep received her 18th nomination. Not only was Tom Hanks shut out but so were Oprah, James Gandolfini and Scarlett Johansson.

The Oscars are Sunday, March 2nd on News Channel 34 (ABC). Ellen DeGeneres will host for the 2nd time. Another year.....another list of movies I have no interest in seeing.