I think this belongs in a museum, not sitting on somebody’s coffee table, but what do I know?

Schindler's list is a piece of world history and a story of lives forever changed and now it’s up for sale on eBay. And we're not talking about the movie.  We're talking about the actual list.

There are only four known copies of Oskar Schindler’s list of the Jewish people he secretly saved during the Holocaust.  Three of the lists are in museums and two private collectors owned this one, but now they’re selling it for the opening price of $3 million on the online auction site.

Something feels so wrong about this. I still think the right thing to do would be to not try to make a profit, but to donate it to a museum.  Just looking at the picture above makes me feel like I'm going to cry and these are the lives that were SAVED.

If you’re curious, there aren’t any bids so far because the sellers are requiring people to pre-qualify to prove they have the money before they bid.

When asked why they picked eBay, the sellers said quote, "it has over 100 million worldwide members, and this is a global story.  There are billionaires using the site, wealthy celebrities."

Source: Atlantic Wire