Before reading any further, you might want to grab some tissues and sit down.

Last September, 64-year-old Susan Viera's life was saved after receiving a heart transplant from 21-year-old organ donor Kristina Chesterman. Kristina was a nursing student when she was hit by a drunk driver and killed. In her death, through organ donation, Kristina saved five people, including two babies and Susan.

After Susan was released from the hospital with a new chance at life, she started her search for Kristina's family. Thanks to Facebook, she connected with Kristina’s mom and the two women instantly formed a bond. And then Susan did something spectacular. Susan made a promise. A selfless amazing promise that she would do everything on Kristina's bucket list, including including learning how to pilot a plane, traveling around the world, and flying in a hot-air balloon.

You see, when Susan received her transplant she was in congestive heart failure and never thought she'd recover. The miracle that was Kristina's donation and life has inspired Susan to make the most of her own second chance in the name of the young woman who saved her.