I've got a disease.  It's called "Bargain Hunter's Itch."  See, what happens is when I see bargains, I start itching to chomp at them.  But after being burned a few times by deals that seemed too good to be true and actually were, I'm a little leery of jumping the bait.

So, I need help.  Have you bought anything from No More Rack?  If you're on Facebook, I know you've seen their deals.  Kinda hard not to when the ads are pushed in our faces every day.  And who could resist the urge to take advantage of a medium faux down comforter for the low, low price of $30?

I checked out No More Rack and the deals really do seem too good to be true.  I did a Google search for company reviews and they were mixed.  Some people said the stuff the ordered was awesome and others said not only did it take weeks for the goods to get to them, but when they did- their order was wrong.

I'm huge on reading reviews, but more and more companies and their competitors are posting reviews rather than real people. So, I'd like to hear from you if you've shopped No More Rack and if you could give me the honest to God lowdown, I'd really appreciate it. Please feel free to comment below.  And ps. you're awesome for helping me out!