Halloween is a week from today. Act fast if you want to get your costume online. Costumes can be odd but they can be odder if you buy them on the internet.

Here's some costumes that you can buy online and my thoughts.

Pregnant male fairy: It's a green Tinkerbell costume...with a fake pregnant belly. Here's the catch...it's intended for MEN only. Here's why you'd wear it:

You want to have a sympathy pregnancy with your wife or more likely you want to get out of Trick or Treating with the kids altogether. The wife sees that costume and then says "Stay home, I'll take the kids....true mission accomplished.

Attractive Skunk: Can a woman put on any animal ears and make it an attractive costume? Here's one way to find out. By the way, it comes with a dress, ears and a tail.

Why would a man wear it? He can blame any smell on the costume (instead of the dog).

Gorilla costume with a "Dime on Ring": You buy the gorilla suit online and then find a gumball machine that gives out rings.

Then tape a dime on it and you have a "Dime on Ring." The monetary price may not be much but it'll end up costing you a lot more if you try and give it to your fiance...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Tigger: This isn't weird, it gives me a chance to show a picture of a very young Tara and me in the costume. I once got one of my co-hosts to wear Tigger for Groundhog Day and sent her to see her shadow...She's not here anymore.

Hey Traci, I have this great idea for Groundhog's Day next year.

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