There was a time when being heavy was trendy.  Television was full of full figured characters like 'Mike & Molly,' 'Rosanne' and 'King Of Queens.'  But now it seems like if you are overweight, insurance companies may be the biggest loser, especially with news from the American Medical Association that was released yesterday.

A new decision by the AMA to classify obesity as a disease, requiring medical treatment and prevention, could change the way doctors and insurance companies treat and cover obese patients.

So another words, people will say they have heart disease, cancer and now obesity.

Obesity affects approximately one in three Americans, an astounding figure that some feel should qualify as a disease and now the AMA agrees.

So what does all this mean?  Some speculate that the government and the private sector may develop and reimburse obesity treatments yet there are only a few drugs approved for weight loss.  It could also mean that employers may be required to cover obesity treatments for their employees.

This could very well open a new can of worms.  So what do you think, should obesity be classified as a disease?