I don't know about you, but the last time I got my NYSEG bill, I felt sick to my stomach. How is it possible for a single person who keeps her thermostat at 60 degrees and is a stickler for shutting off lights and electronics rack up a bill for almost $300? The answer is that this winter was brutally cold, so our furnaces worked on overdrive to keep our homes warm.

NYSEG knows how nasty this last winter was and how empty our pockets are after paying our electric bills, so they're encouraging customers to consider budget billing. The way that budget billing works is that NYSEG will calculate your yearly bill based on last year's electricity and/or natural gas use. Then they  divide your yearly bill into 12 equal payments and send you a bill every month. Every three months they review your account and, if necessary, will adjust your monthly payment according to recent usage and energy prices.

Each bill you receive will show a budget billing summary, which displays your plan end month, current month’s installment, actual charges since you started your budget year, budget amounts billed thus far and the difference between your actual charges and the budget amount billed.

To learn more about NYSEG's budget billing and how it can help lesson your financial burdens, call 1-800-572-1111, Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm.