This may be the LAMEST bet by a Governor ever. Tonight the NY Rangers and the LA Kings begin play in the Stanley Cup finals. As usual, the Governors are placing a friendly wager for their state. California's bet takes the cake....rice cake that is.

Let's start with NY and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's wager. If the Kings win, Cuomo will send a NY gift basket with apples, oysters, Italian sausage, Buffalo wing sauce, wines, cupcakes and other items from around the state.

He will also send a hockey puck commemorating last year's state budget. The puck celebrates the state's budget hat trick of 3 consecutive on-time budgets...I sense a jab at California with that and I love it.

Now for California Governor Jerry Brown. He has wagered.....wait for it.....wait for it. Rice cakes. Not just any rice cakes but a box of ORGANIC rice cakes. But wait there's more, he's also adding a California history book.

The series begins tonight in Los Angeles. It's the first trip to the Stanley Cup finals for the Rangers since they won it in 1994. I can't believe it's been 20 years since Mark Messier and the rest of the boys hoisted the Cup. If you ask me, this hockey wager is more hokey than hockey.  By the way Gov. Brown, you can keep your cake and eat it too.

Good luck Rangers....That's not easy coming from a Capitals fan.