So husbands,  have you ever felt like your carrying your  wife in your relationship?  Well even if you were, she would never admit it.  Now you can be carrying her literally and win awesome prizes.  It's the North American Wife Carrying Championship this weekend  in Newry Maine.  The object is to carry your wife through the mud to win cash and your wifes weight in beer.

All you really need is a willing participant of the opposite sex that is over 21.  That's right,  it doesn't have to be your wife, any woman will do.  If your wife insists that she carries you all the time,  well now she can prove it.  It doesn't matter who carries who, but it doesn't always work if it's the man carrying the woman.  It's a 278 yard run through an obstacle course.  The wife wraps her legs around her husbands head while she hangs down his back,  talk about your bonding moment.  If you finish in the top two,  you automatically qualify for next years event.

It's an international event and part of the World Alternative Games.  So if you think your wife (or woman) is worth her weight in beer,  then you might want to take a trip to Newry Maine this Saturday.  You can always GPS it and to get more information about the event, go to  Who needs to see a marriage counselor or get couples therapy when you have the NORTH AMERICAN WIFE CARRYING CHAMPIONSHIP.