Vital Stats:

Name: Nicole Martin
Age: 20
From: Vestal, New York
Singing Experience: Since childhood "I started singing with my Dad when I was 5."
Heroes: Dad and Sister
Favorite Country Artist: Carrie Underwood - "I like the power in her voice. She really puts herself out there. She's strong and confident."
Country Crush: Blake Shelton

The Inside Scoop:

Unlike Johnny Cash, Nicole Martin hasn't been everywhere, man. But, Nicole does embody Cash's independence and free spirit. Originally from Long Island, Nicole's spent time in Rochester and now resides in Vestal. Impressively, Nicole once moved to Louisiana by herself when she was just sixteen, living up to the maverick, well-traveled ways of country music pioneers.

Nicole's Dad passed away when she was young and from him, she draws considerable influence and inspiration.

"Growing up, my Dad was a huge influence on me. All through school, I'd be kept up to do Karaoke. He instilled in me that whatever will be will be - as long as you try."

Her Dad sang often and her Grandpa used to sing Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, even performing on Broadway at one point, laying the musical blueprint for the family.

Nicole sings, is teaching herself to play guitar, and plays a little piano. She's seen Molly Hatchet, The Beach Boys, Johnny Winter, and Britney Spears in concert. In the future, she'd like to pursue writing music more. Being able to write songs would be a dream job for her.

To the country music skeptic:

"Country music describes everything. Break-ups, love, getting drunk. It’s relatable. These people sing from the heart. They don’t just write"

To potential voters:

I want people to know about me. I’m a small-town average girl with big dreams. I want people to go for what they love and what they think is right. I want to give people something different to listen to. Everyone’s been through a lot. But, I’ve been through a lot. I took my father’s words to heart.

Here is Nicole's song. Take a listen and look out for your opportunity to vote once all 10 contestants have been profiled.