If there's one thing I don't enjoy, it's visiting a place in peak season and feeling like a packed sardine.  So I it was a good thing I visited Niagara Falls this weekend in the dead of winter when there was virtually nobody there.

I've never been to the falls before, so this was a pretty awesome trip.  My best friend and I try to do something a little special every year to celebrate our birthdays which are only a few days apart.  We were going to go snow tubing, but decided on visiting Niagara Falls instead and I'm so glad we did.

Most of the town is shut down in the winter so everything is cheaper for the poor souls who brave the winter elements. And by winter elements, I mean literally freezing temperatures.  The spray from the falls got on my coat and froze instantly and on Saturday night two inches of snow fell in a 30 minute time frame.  But it was so, so worth it.  Oh, and my brother was in Buffalo visiting his girlfriend, so I got to see them as well.

Check out the pictures and video from my trip.  Good times!