You may have heard that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is thinking about getting rid of the extra point because it's too automatic. This year only 5 extra points were missed out of more than 1,200 attempts. Here's my thoughts.

5) They say it's become too automatic. It's about as automatic as talking to a player shortly after the game is over and getting a "what the" rant from a player from the winning team and then an apology later.

4) This idea has been criticized by women who've never been married. They love the extra point holder....because it's the only time they ever get to see a guy down on one knee.

3) Under the new system, most teams would take the 7 points and then just kick off. The extra time saved by the skipped extra point would be filled extra TV commercial.

2) Do you remember the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." So why is the NFL considering getting rid of the extra point....It's pointless.

1) One idea being considered is to make a touchdown automatically 7 points. If you "go for two" you can get an 8th point (but wouldn't two make it 9) and fail, then subtract 1 from the 7.  So now I'm supposed to be a math major?

We don't know when the competition committee will discuss this change but it won't be next season. If you ask me, it's just more ways that the NFL is becoming more chickified.