New York has been voted the rudest, most arrogant state in the entire United States. But wait!  The ugly news is balanced out with a sugar coating. Sort of.

1,603 people were asked to answer a whole bunch of completely ridiculous questions about states they don’t live in.  Questions like which states had the drunkest people, the smartest people and which state’s residents have the silliest accents.

39% of people polled say the New York is the most arrogant state and 44% say we’re the rudest.

If you’re curious, Georgia and Minnesota were voted as being the nicest states. Oh, and New York was also voted as having the best sports fans, but then again, we were voted as having the worst sports fans (???).  Tell me this, how did Pennsylvania not take the win for the worst sports fans?  They threw snowballs at Santa Clause.  That’s just wrong!

On the bright side, New York was voted as having the very best food in the country and those asked said that they think the residents of New York are smart, but not as smart as Massachusetts, who was voted as having the smartest residents.

Here are some other categories in which New York State took honorable mentions:

  • Weirdest accent (Massachusetts took the win)
  • Least Favorite state (Texas took the win)
  • Craziest state (California took the win)
  • Hottest residents (California took the win)
  • Drunkest state (Louisiana took the win)
  • State you wish could be kicked out of America (Texas took the win)
  • Most overrated (California took the win)

What do you think about the results to this survey? Leave a comment below and be sure to check out what some of our Facebook had to say about this survey:

Laurie M.- I think they confuse us with they are rude.

Surama J.- I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. I moved to Lancaster, PA 9 years ago. Don’t miss the traffic and over population but I have the most genuine friends there and the best memories. Still a Yankee fanatic! So I hold NYC close to my heart. Ps. NY has the best pizza, Chinese and Hispanic food on the planet!!!

Tami T.- I agree Ny'ers are rude! In fact I just this morning said good morning to 2 elderly folks and just kept walking. RUDE.

Trudi S.- NOT surprised! Hard to find nice people who aren't looking to gain something.

Andrea A.- Best sports fans? Disagree with that one.

Veronica B.- Best sports fans for sure.

Suzanne S.- Where ever you go you’re gonna have rude people. I've been all over NY and have met so many very nice, wonderful people, and some very Rude. But no different than in any of my other travels. Sports fan, I don't know but I know they are kinder than some PA fans. I wonder if the people voting lived here, traveled here, or just think it.

Frank J.- Lol on the best food! The survey was probably done in New York

Deanna S.- Considering I am from NYC, as opposed to upstate.. it's a whole different world up there! LOL Rude, perhaps, but you will never wonder what someone is thinking!