Pats or Genos? That’s the question people always ask me when they’re planning a trip to Philly and can’t wait to dive into an authentic Philly cheesesteak.

Philly cheesesteaks are simply amazing. A little taste of heaven on earth and the New York Mets are now record holders for eating cheesesteaks in the visitors' clubhouse in Philadelphia.

The Phillies’ put out a spread for visiting teams and this spread includes unlimited, made-to-order cheesesteaks. Well, a competition has emerged over the years between visiting teams to set team and individual records for cheesesteak eating. The team mark for one day was in the 80s until April 30th, when the Mets downed 103 cheesesteaks in one day.

According to the Star-Ledger, the Mets had to follow rules to set the record – the cheesesteaks could only be eaten after getting to the ballpark until batting practice, from the end of batting practice until the game begins, and for an hour window after the game has concluded. There's no eating during batting practice or during the game.

Apparently the Mets planned it out so that each person would have two cheesesteaks, or more for those that were willing to help out where other teammates could not eat their share.

So what’s the answer to the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly? Genos is really flashy and looks like they belong on the Vegas strip. Their cheesesteaks are good, but I like the more low key Pat’s better. The cheesesteaks at Citizen Bank Park, home of the Phillies aren’t bad either, but no matter where you go, remember that slathering your cheesesteak with anything but Cheese Wiz is just wrong.