Ahhh, New Year's Eve, bringing back some blasts from the past when I worked at EPCOT Center in Florida, celebrating with friends from Mexico, France, Morocco and Italy.  Some good memories indeed.

When that famous ball drops in Times Square in the heart of New York tonight, it may just be the most famous New Year's Eve celebrations in the world but not the most expensive by any means.  Here are some other awesome events happening around the world tonight:

Bangkok, Thailand:  They also have the ball drop but their events guarantee much warmer temperatures and the Thailand celebrations include lots of music, food, candles and flowers to the monks of nine sacred Buddhist temples.

Berlin, Germany:  This event has one of the largest parties in all of Europe.  More than a million visitors create the Party Mile to drink lots of spirits and watch elaborate fireworks and laser lights.

Dubai:  Two billion spectators (yeah, I said billion) gather in front of the city's Burj Khalifa skyscraper to watch fireworks cascade from each floor of the 160-story building.  The four-hour show includes lasers, fire, water and music.  Sounds pretty cool.

Edinburgh, Scotland:  includes a four-day event with a massive street party, concerts and a Viking-led torchlight procession.

Whether you are celebrating in the greater Binghamton area or halfway around the world, have a safe celebration and happy new year!