When it comes to big financial decisions in your household, who has the final say? Is it you? Is it your spouse? Do you collectively decide?

I grew up in a home where I was taught that the man of the house was the ultimate decision maker on big things such as finances, but I didn’t get married for almost 18 years after moving away from home and so I became accustomed to making all of my own decisions, big and small.

Getting married after years of being independent and the decision maker in my life was really hard to adjust to. Suddenly, it wasn’t just me calling the shots. There was someone else in my life who’s opinion mattered just as much and I had to allow him to have input.

I absolutely trust Jay to make big decisions on his own, but the fact that we’re able to sit down and discuss things and come to a mutual decision makes me happy because I feel like both of our voices are heard.

However, a new study found that men and women tend to think differently about financial decisions. Men, especially older ones like to be in charge. Only 46% of surveyed men 50 or older said that they shared financial decisions with their spouse.

While my husband and I take a less conventional approach to decision making than many of those older than us, one of the other study findings does apply to us- the survey found that men tend to focus on earning more money, while women focus on expenses. This is absolutely our case and reinforces our belief that it’s importance for men and women to work together.

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