I don’t know how your company is with vacation time, but at mine, we’re not allowed to carry days over into this new year, so this is the time of year we realize just how many days we have left and scramble to use them before they’re lost.

I took a random Friday off and had every intention of enjoying myself on Thursday night, knowing I didn’t have to get up at 3am the next morning for work. I’m a mom to a one-year-old, so my idea of enjoying myself included taking a bath after putting my little one to bed and then mindlessly watching Netflix while waiting for my husband to get home from work.

Things were going great…until I woke up to realize that not only had I fallen asleep during the early part of my Netflix watching, but that my husband had come home from work, crawled into bed and fallen asleep without me even knowing.

Apparently, most people don’t have this falling asleep while watching Netflix problem like I do though. For most people, they plan to watch an episode or two of their favorite Netflix show and suddenly is 4am and they’ve blown through an entire season of their show. If this happens to you, there’s help to make sure that you actually get to bed at a decent hour and it’s something called, “Napflix.”

Napflix is a video streaming service that guarantees it’ll make you fall asleep. Basically, the service is the same as turning on a PBS documentary, except you stream the videos from your computer, tablet, or cell. Napflix offering everything from water rolling over rocks in a stream, to an infomercial, to a subway commute and more. The service says that the stuff they offer is mostly silent, and definitely sleepy. This could end up being a pretty awesome thing for insomniacs!

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