Here comes another tech post. I'm a geek, I realize this. Now that I've admitted it... Here we go.  I just received a new software update for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I was hoping for the new Android "Jellybean" operating system. But nope. I have software version UCALH9. I have a new screen brightness slider in my top pull down menu (yawn) which I will probably never use because I leave my phone on auto brightness to conserve battery.

Photo By: Rich Birdsall

I did notice a new radio update that will hopefully increase my coverage a bit. It can get spotty downstairs in the studios. Amongst everything else, while I was waiting for my phone to complete the update mambo I looked up the update particulars.  The update apparently includes security enhancements for Virtual Private Network... Don't think I'll be using that either. Ah well. If you need me I'll be here. Waiting for Jellybean.