It's called the "Smarttress" and it will alert you directly on your smartphone while your away if your bed is being used for other things besides sleeping!

The company is out of Spain, and the mattress they've created has a feature called the "lover detection system." SAY WHAT BIRDSALL? Yep!  The mattress has built in sensors that can tell if someone's making whoopee! If it detects fornication, You get a customized alert on your phone. I mean deep analysis too(Oh you stop it, you know that's exactly what I meant! haha). You get speed, pressure, thrusts per minute and all that technical stuff you probably didn't need to know.

The company says it's their solution to the, "global infidelity crisis" Meaning you'll know if your significant other is being naughty with someone else on your bed.  The next 2 questions you have, I can not answer unfortunately.

Will it ship?

How much?

Keep checking back with the website I guess----> [Via:]