Well the election is under 40 days away and there is a lot going on in our country.  A President to elect,  high jobless rate, higher gas prices and possible tax increases.  However in New Jersey,  they are tackling the biggest  problem of all.  Seatbelt safety........for your pets.

According to a recent survey that was done in the Garden State, 20% of drivers let their dog sit on their laps while driving.  Nearly 1/3 said they are distracted by their dog while driving.  Since this is a problem,  there must be a law to stop  it (let's not use commom sense, lets impose a law).  There reasoning is about as sound.  Texting wasn't an issue until people starting having accidents so the same will become true with doggie and driving.  Also they say,  if children are restrained in car seats, then why not your pet.

The law, if enacted, would require the driver to harness the pet if they're not in a crate.  Good luck getting Katie the kitty to sit still through that without getting clawed.  The ticket would start at 25 dollars but could go up to an animal cruelty charge  that could cost up to 1,000 dollars.  Pet owners aren't happy with it because it only affects them (you think) and would cost them money to get a restraint for Fido or end up paying the fine if they become a feline offender.

If this bill were to pass,  New Jersey would be the first state to pass such a law.  Good news for all of you doggie do-badders,  Governor Christie has said that he won't sign the bill into law.  He calls it "the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in my life" and they're are more important matters in New Jersey.  However if this were to pass,  I have the new motto for NJ.  New Jersey...going  to the dogs.