More and more drivers have been getting more and more tickets thanks to strategically-placed cameras placed in speed zones and intersections. And one car-maker has figured out a clever way to avoid getting caught on camera. It's never happened to me, but several of my friends have told stories of grabbing their mail only to find a ticket along with photographic proof and even a link to video evidence of them speeding.

Hyundai has introduced its all-new luxury sedan that is equipped with a device that could outsmart police cameras. The Hyundai Genesis (will be introduced in Australia first) uses GPS and new braking technology to identify speed cameras. Owners of the car will hear a series of beeps when approaching a camera, and if the car is going too fast, it will automatically slow it down so the driver doesn't get caught.

Of course the easiest way to avoid this headache without shelling out for a new car would be to follow the speed limit.