In 1959, Rodgers and Hammerstein brought a, now timeless, play to Broadway.

Mary Martin (mother of Larry Hagman) portrayed the young governess who transformed her charges. The play was indeed based on the writings of that governess and soon to be step-mother, Maria Von Trapp.

In 1965, the story was brought to the big screen with Julie Andrews as Maria. This version is the one most of us know. It is interesting that Julie Andrews filled the rather large shoes of Mary Martin to fill the role and now Carrie Underwood must do the same with Miss Andrews' shoes. No pressure!

What you may not realize is the production that will air with Carrie on December 3rd is attempting to recreate the Mary Martin version (the original stage production), not the film.

There are marked differences, so do not get angry at Carrie or the actors if it isn't "right." It is the original vision of Rodgers and Hammerstein, who wrote the songs and shaped the original play every step of the way.

So, Carrie Underwood is under pressure to keep Julie Andrews sacred, not screw up on live TV, and live up to the standards of the greatest Broadway musical composers of all time. I think she can do it!

To those who are angry about NBC attempting to re-boot The Sound of Music, just remember what else they are doing: introducing this classic to a brand new generation, who would not have appreciated our version. The greatest works survive time because of this kind of act.

So, on Tuesday night, grab the popcorn and tissues, gather the kids and prepare to root on our girl Carrie. This is a chance to do something no other Country artist has done: permanently link a mainstream classic with our music. Sneaky, but it works for me!