Getty Images/ Melanie Acevedo

Who would have guessed this? Today is National Proposal Day...Really...on a Wednesday......during the basketball tournament (that is madness.)  If you're saying to yourself, "I don't want him to propose to me today," here's some things to discourage him...and it doesn't take much.

5) Change his ring tone to "Love and Marriage" or "Chapel of Love."

4) Gain 40 pounds to show him how good you'll look when your pregnant.

3) Scream when he says "Will you" then act bummed out when his next words aren't "Marry me."

2) At tonight's get together for the basketball games, in the middle of the game, tap your spoon on the glass and say, "Hey I think my boyfriend wants to ask me a special question while we're all here."  He'll run faster than a wide open fast break.

1) Put on a gorilla suit and have a Dime-On (diamond) ring.  Ok, she still said 'yes' to me but it might work for you.