It's National Grouch Day. Glenn gave you his top 5 earlier... here's mine(Not so "tongue in cheek" though, sorry):

1. Slow Drivers
I encountered 3 slower than molasses in Antarctica behind the wheel drivers today. Please... if the speed limit sign says 30 mph, 20 or less is unacceptable.

2. Automated Customer Service
If i wanted to talk to a computer, I would fire up my Google Voice or try to get IRIS(Samsung's Version of SIRI... get it? IRIS is SIRI backwards.) to say something scandalous. When I need help to get a error on my bill corrected I don't want to have the computer directly connect me to the automated credit card payment system. .. another COMPUTER!

3. Touching/Changing/Manipulating My Sh..tuff Without Asking
Example: Adam Sabol in sales gave me a toy mirror ball for the Secret Santa gift exchange we did last year. I went to overachieving lengths to hang this thing and run an extension cord to plug it in. It has a wall power pack and runs a little motor and LED lights. When my office lights auto turn off, the show is amazing. I left my office door open and some one unplugged it... I plugged it back in and the next day it was unplugged again... STOP!  MINE, mitts off!

4. Reputable Companies Selling Their Contact Lists
I get it we all need money. There should be a morals check in place though. If I used your company for something, you have established "Trust Factor" with me. When you sell my info to a radical church group you are forcibly subjecting me to phone calls spewing their philosophies on the evils of Abortion, Gay Rights or some other hatred.  I now hate YOU for selling my phone number/email/address. If I ever find out which one of my service vendors sold that info... CANCELLED!

5. Headphones With No Bass...
It never fails. I go to replace my headphones and the bass is missing. I spend several hundreds of dollars on headphones because i need REALLY good ones. They are a tool for my job. High pitched noise just plain hurts!