It appears the ABC soaper "Nashville" is pulling out all the stops, trying to save the sophomore TV series, by inviting more country music stars on the show.  Wednesday night's show will feature country music supergroup, Zac Brown Band.

According to, ratings for the series are struggling and it's on the cancellation predicted list.  And that's just sad.

"Nashville" premiered in 2012 to 8.93 million viewers.  According to the Nashville Business Journal, last week's episode ranked third in its time slot with 5.1 million viewers, a series low.

Tensions have been reported on the show's set between producers, writers and even series' stars.  Viewers in the Greater Binghamton area report, some episodes being really good and others not so.

Nashville insiders and series stars alike reportedly would like to see more focus being on the music story line and less on the bed hopping.  As Debbie Goldstein from Vestal said, "the show used to be fun and while I love the show "Revenge," we don't need two of the same show."

Let's hope they listen to the criticism, make the corrections in time, feature more of what brought people to the show and  get a third TV season.

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the second season of "Nashville" and if you could talk to the writers and producers, how would you make it "must see TV?"