Getty Images- Donald Miralle

Well, tonight is what could be considered the first race of the NASCAR season.  It's the Sprint Unlimited, formerly the Budweiser Shootout.

It's a non-point race or event that involves the 2012 pole winners and previous Unlimited (Budwieser Shootout) winners.  This year, 19 drivers are participating.  Also this year, NASCAR is involving fans on the format of the race.  The fans have already set how the segments will run. It's 30 laps, 25 laps and 20 laps.

However the fan interaction hasn't stopped.  The fans have 3 other things they can vote on.  We can vote on what kind of pit stop each team will take at the end of 30 laps.  The choices are 4 tires, 2 tires or no stop at all.  We have until the drop of the green flag to vote on that.  The green flag drops at around 8:10 tonight.

The fans also can determine how many cars will be eliminated after the 25 lap second segment.  The choices are none, two, four, or six cars.  We have until the start of the 2nd segment to vote on that.

There are several ways to vote.  The one way is to go to  The other way is to go to NASCAR'S mobile phone app--NASCAR Mobile'13. If you vote on the NASCAR app, your vote counts double.

Tonight's Sprint Unlimited race is on FOX 40 at 8pm.  Tomorrow (Sunday 2/17) is qualifying for the Daytona 500, where the top 2 spots will be determined.  Qualifying begins at 1 and that also is on FOX 40.  So let's go racing, boys.

You thought I forgot about the 3rd thing that we can vote on.  I was saving the best for last....and maybe the most important.  We can vote on what firesuit that Miss Sprint Cup will wear this year.  There are 3 to choose from and you can vote here as well.